Unveiling: Memoi Africa Announces The Largest Gathering of Developers in Africa.

Unveiling: Memoi Africa Announces The Largest Gathering of Developers in Africa.

With great honor and excitement, Memoi Africa announces the largest gathering of developers in East Africa. This unique event will be witnessed by thousands of attendees from all African regions including developers in web3 and web2 techs, founders, VCs, and KOLs.

Some of the high points of Code Africa will include a web3 hackathon building on selected protocols, keynotes and industry leading speakers, workshops, an after party, exhibition booths, and a special startup deal room.

May 2024 is a month to look forward to. But first…what is Memoi, and what is this event about?

Why Memoi Africa?

Secondly, the cryptocurrency landscape in Africa is money-centric, with most participants turning after airdrop rewards. If we remain as consumers, then we will always be at the bottom of the “food chain”. We need more creators in Africa.

Thus, Memoi has taken it upon herself to fight against this potential decline, and we are raising and educating the next generation of developers in Africa. We envision a continent filled with builders and several startups making a global change.

What Is Memoi Africa?

We believe that Africa is the next frontier in shaping the future of tech, as we continue to create solutions to real world problems. Memoi is bridging the gap between African developers and the rest of the world.

Memoi is building a community of 100,000 developers in Africa who want to learn, build, and get jobs. win prizes, explore courses, get access to jobs and life-changing opportunities.

Memoi hosts dynamic hackathons with top partners, uniting diverse developers and innovators.

Our extensive network encompasses partnerships with 40+ prestigious African Universities, providing us with invaluable insights and capabilities in the realm of community-building, campus tours, and ambassador programs.

We also run our own university. Memoi University offers intensive bootcamps, courses, and workshops focused on blockchain, led by industry experts.

Lastly, hire from the highest quality talent network in Africa. Gain direct access to 1000+ technical African talents on demand to work full-time/part-time on a milestone basis.

The Brains Behind Memoi

Memoi Africa was co-founded by two powerful women in technology: Monalisa Agbata and Engr. Joan Jerop.

Monalisa is a go-to-market expert for early stage and group stage organizations. She has 7 years of experience executing 360 degrees in marketing strategies. She is a VC representative, and a mentor at Get Funded Africa. She has experience in web 3, AI, E-commerce and fintech companies. She is

Engr. Joan Jerop

Joan is the co-founder of LumenPay. She has organized many main events and Pan-African hackathons. She is a recognized leader, a mechanical engineer, an entrepreneur and a community builder.

Her mission is to empower and upskill African developers to become globally competitive in web 3, AI and emerging technologies.

Together, these prominent women in technology have fought against all odds to establish Memoi Africa. Within a short while, Memoi has birthed a subsidiary-Code Africa Conference. And the first event is the East African Edition.

The Code Africa Conference: East Africa Edition

We are delighted to introduce our premier in-person event: Code Africa Conference. And we're starting with East Africa!

Time: 8:00 AM EAT

Date: 10th and 11th, May 2024.

Venue: Manu Chandaria Hall, University of Nairobi, Kenya.

Registration: codeafrica.xyz

The event is for builders in technical roles. And we have quite a few exciting additions to the main event.

After Party

We've spent the last few months coding, creating content, fixing bugs and working 9-5s. The team has put together an exclusive After Party for a few persons only. Tickets are currently on sale. Take a break, loosen up, play games, have fun, dine, wine and enjoy life.

Plus a little secret…

At tech events, KOLs are usually very busy and hundreds of people are trying to connect with one person. Whispers have it that most deals get signed at the After Party. You know what to do. Grab a ticket while you still can.


Deal room

A Deal Room is a small meeting used by businesses during significant events such as fundraising. The Code Africa Deal Room initiative has been developed to facilitate investments. Startup founders, investors and Venture Capitalists attend, and our goal is to contribute to economic growth in Africa.

To apply, register your innovation and have the opportunity to enjoy potential collaborations with investors. Provisions are made available for 10 qualified companies only.



A limited opportunity for you to showcase your project in front of potential clients and partners coming from all over Africa. Code Africa Conference is a continental web 3 event. Showcase your brand at a booth to boost your sales, especially if you have a new product launch soon.

Apply and you might get selected. So, get your marketing team in action, pack your materials, send your representatives down to Kenya and come showcase your project.

Book an exhibition booth at the event early, as slots available are also limited. Click on the link below. https://shorturl.at/mJLT6


4 days. Knowledge hungry devs. $10,000 to be won. You don't want to miss this!! Come for an adventure with other builders.

You get to experience the thrill of collaborating with fellow students to solve real-world challenges within a limited timeframe.

This hackathon is brought to you by Memoi Africa and Aya Labs. We are more than excited to see your results. Register here immediately.



We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have partnered with 12 amazing organizations so far. They are:

  • AfrihackOn

  • Afribot

  • Aya HQ

  • Encode Club

  • Kenya Blockchain Ladies DAO

  • Meta Meta

  • Open Source Africa

  • Rise In

  • SpaceYatech

  • Steam Labs

  • Web3Africa

  • Web3bridge

The three broad categories of attendees: Developers, Founders and Investors.

If you are a developer, you will meet with other developers and collaborate with them. This is a great opportunity for you to scale your career as you will have the opportunity to meet people with results. They will provide you with guidance, and some of them are looking to hire talent. Also, you can participate in the hackathon for a chance to win prizes worth thousands of dollars.

If you are a founder, you get to associate with other founders for potential collaborations and partnerships. You can also find the right talent for your products and services. During the speaker sessions, you will likely learn from other builders who have decades of experience.

We also invited Venture Capitalists and investors. Our goal is to create an environment for them to discover brilliant founders and invest in their businesses, playing a huge role in the economic growth of African startups.


We have an exciting lineup of speakers!! Code Africa is a unique event, and we are eager to listen to these leaders as they educate us.

  1. Ayodeji Isreal Awosika: Founder, Web3 Bridge.

  2. Eric Anan: Founder, Aya HQ and DigitalKudi.

  3. Yoseph Ayele: Founder, Borderless Africa.

  4. Yvonne Kagondu: Co-founder, ICP Kushite.

  5. Bright Mawudor: Founder, AfrihackOn.

  6. Pieter Buikema: Co-instagator, Eth Safari.

  7. Lin Yang: Founding Partner, Aqua Labs.

  8. Kate Kallot: Founder & CEO,Amini.

  9. John Paul Nwodo: Investment Analyst,Adaverse.

  10. Jason Eisen: Founder & CEO, UTU Technologies.

  11. Moataz Helmy: Chairperson, AfriLabs.

  12. Elizabeth Ndungu: Director, Digital Economy & Startups, Nairobi City County.

  13. Yacob Berhane: Co-founder & CEO, Pariti.

  14. Moses Kemibaro: CEO & Founder, Dotsavy.

  15. Chepkemoi Magdaline: CEO, Eldo Hub.

  16. Gideon Greaves; Managing Director CV VC.


Code Africa Conference will be here in 5 weeks. Thousands of techies are travelling down to Kenya from several countries. We envision a memorable event with countless tangible results in later months. Register here to join us.codeafrica.xyz